Hire Your Ghostwriter For Writing Unique Texts

Are you looking for someone who can provide you with unique contents for presentations or publications?  We offer our service as ghostwriter to individuals or corporates who require at a short notice or on regular basis for various purposes high qualty texts which must be unique and not copied from some published sources.  We can also complete and refine drafts supplied by you.   Here are some examples of services we can offer in both English and German.

  1. General Articles
    Write an article on a specific subject for publication or presentation.
  2. Search Engine Optimized Articles
    Writing articles for publication on the web aiming to achieve top ranks for them on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) returned by a search engine in response to queries using specific search arguments.
  3. Reviews
    Short or detailed reviews of any publication in print or online media, online ghost writing service you can find here, project documents
  4. Training Material for Course of Instructions
    We prepare training material for courses of instructions in various fields such as software engineering, process optimization, quality control, computer systems, pharmaceutical verification and validation, language training (english or german).
  5. User Manuals and Help Texts for Offline and Online Applications
    We write user manuals and help texts for any kind of gadgets and software applications, provided we are supplied with relevant information sources such as product descriptions or requirement specifications.
  6. Definition of Terms for Glossaries
    We define terms for glossaries. They can be general terms from everyday life or from specific fields such as sports, gambling arts & literature, science or engineering.
  7. Development or Fine Tuning of Presentation Materials
    We develop or fine tune presentations on various subjects using Powerpoint, Excel, Word or Internet (text + images via html)
  8. Creation of Project Documentations
    All types of project documents are prepared, from RFP (Request for Proposal) to Project Final Report
  9. Restructuring and Re-phrasing of any Text to Create Unique Contents
    We rewrite or restructure any text provided by our clients to creatre unique contents. If you are looking for write my essay services take a look at Writemyservice.com they can help (fees may apply).

Terms and Conditions

Please contact us at info@hire-your-ghostwriter.eu and explain briefly your requirements.

We will contact you and send information on the terms and conditions of our services.