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The demand for article ghostwriters is growing in the age of SEO  of online portals which have commercial aims. What is SEO? The prime objective of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to optimize the visibility (ranking) of a website on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) returned by a search engine in response to a query using specific keywords. Out of a number of techniques used for SEO, establishing backlinks from other websites to the site to be SEOed is preferred most by many SEO experts as well as by google. There are two ways of getting backlinks - either by becoming a link partner of other sites and exchanging directly links with them or by getting hyperlinks from articles on other sites which are related thematically to the content of the receiving site. Such content-related backlinks are rated higher by search engines like google. For example, a backlink from an article on slot machines to a site dealing with casinos will be more SEO relevant than just a link exchange between the two sites. Therefore, it is now becoming almost common practice for the owner of a website to find ways to get backlinks from SEO relevant articles posted on other sites. There are two different ways of achieving this goal. Let us go back to the example of the casino website. The owner of this site can offer to sites with contents related to gambling articles on slot machines or other similar topics free of charge provided they allow backlinks from the articles to his site. He can also submit his article including one or more backlinks to one of several Free Articles for Publication websites. Many site owners like to publish articles very frequently using one of the two alternative ways mentioned above, but do not want to invest time in writing them. They will prefer to outsource article writing to an expert SEO article ghostwriter who may be contracted to provide such articles on a regular basis. They may also be interested in hiring such a professional ghostwriter as author for all or most of the contents of their website(s).

How to write SEO articles?

However an seo article writer must have professional expertise in search engine optimization of contents. To start with, he must be accustomed to write an article with the basic principles of online searching in mind. He must be an expert in keyword research. How will the members of the target group of the website search for a product or any other content to be found on the website? What specific expressions or keywords will he use as search argument? How many online surfers will use a particular search argument per day or per month, locally and/or internationally?

However, that is only the one side of the story. He must also know, how many competitors of the website may use the same search argument? An SEO expert should include in the content keywords that are likely to be used by most of the members of the target group as search argument, but by the least number of the competitors. Such keywiords score the best KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) values and have the best chance of getting a top SERP ranking.

He must also  know how to place relevant keywords in a text to have the optimal keyword density and he must be able to create a short abstract or  meta-description of the content in about 250 characters to be used by the search engines to introduce the site on their SERPs.

Use of SEO tools

How can an SEO content writer proceed to determine the most suitable keywords with top SERP ranking, so that internet surfers using these keywords as search arguments may find the website? It is nowadays practically impossible to perform a satisfactory keyword research within an acceptable span of time without using some kind of keyword selector tool which can work as a automatic keyword traffic estimator. Such a tool can estimate the volume of surfer traffic generared by various keywords on different search engines such as Google, Bin and Yahoo. Such a tool should also be able to estimate the volume of competition when these keywords are used. In other words, the tool should be able to determine the KEIs mentioned above. One must know that the best KEIs can be achieved by using long tail keywords in the content, i.e. a phrase consisting of 3 or 4 or more words. A good keyword selector tool will find such long tail keywords if it starts doing a keyword search starting with one word which can be termed as the basic keyword. One must also know that the most popular keywords are not necessarily the best keywords for generating optimal business because they may also be used by a large number of competitors. 

Ideally, one should try to use one of the top SEO tools available in the market which can do more than selecting keywords. One can choose a free SEO tool, but such a tool is in the long run not very effective because every seo tool requires constant updating for adaptation to change of search engine algorithms which occur very frequently, especially in case of google search engine. A free SEO tool will generally not offer the updating service. One of the key features of such top SEO tools is that can find out for any specific keyword other websites with top SERP ranking and report the keywords, meta descriptions and various other characteristics used by them. Since these sites have already achieved top SERP ranking, it will be safe to more or less copy their SEO strategy. 

Press Release

Another very effective method of optimizing the search engine ranking of a site is to issue press releases whenever a site sees an occasion to announce anything worth publicity. Many people do not have expertise in writing press releases which will interest the media. A professional press release writer can definitely make a significant contribution to increase the marketability of a website

Certified by SEO in Practice
Certified by SEO in Practice