What is a Ghostwriter?

A professional writer of books, stories, reports, articles, reviews or other texts is called a ghostwriter if he is paid for it by someone or some organisation which officialy claims the authorship of the writings. In other words, not the ghostwriter, but his client will be the credited author. The reasons for hiring a ghostwriter may be - lack of time, lack of writing skill or even lack of expertise. It is also possible that a publisher wants to increase the marketing chance of a book by hiring a professional writer to write the content and then publish it under the name of a highly marketable author. Just like e.g. a bank may outsource the development of an application software to a company who has more expertise in software development because it is their core business, others may outsource writing to someone who is skilled in writing, structuring and editing texts, short or long. 

A ghostwriter may have a different level of involvement in the production of a piece of writing. He may be hired to edit and complete a piece of draft, or to do most of the writing starting from an outline provided by his client, or even to do substantial amount of research before writing the content. In any case, a quality ghostwriter must be able to deliver unique content, content he has produced himself and not copied from somewhere.